Friday, September 17, 2010

Afterschool Special

So, I've finally started work on a new book.

Here is a brief summary:

The story focuses on Jed, a jaded 17 year old musician who plays guitar for an Elvis impersonator at an amusement park. He has moved to a new town to live with his hippy aunt after his mother passes away. Feeling isolated, his thoughts begin to drift into creepy territory with horror movies as his reference for normal teenage social interactions. While cutting school, he meets Lisa, a tough but cute chain smoking girl who recently had an abortion. As their relationship progresses into something special, Jed's fantasies begin to bare a closer resemblance to reality. But for Lisa, the future is about nostalgia and sex is out of the question.

is the story of Jed and Lisa's romance. It is a story about weeding out fantasy to find the true meaning of love. It is about friendship triumphing over sex and of confused adolescent emotions.
It is the story of the fear of growing up versus the disappointment in staying young forever.

June 20th, 2011

Well, I worked on this project for several months and it turned out quite different than I had originally planned. It's not quite dramatic as the description above. Instead, I went for something more subtle that reflected on my own experiences as a teen growing up on Long Island. There is a lot of personal material in this thing. The book is only a bit over 100 pages. Just the sort of slim book that I think I would be attracted to as a Young Adult. It is my hope to eventually print this in a slim two color volume in an edition and size similar to my Neverland book. However, as of yet, publishers don't seem to be interested. Also, I can't really "do it myself" as I'd like, without the funding. So I'm not really not sure if this book will ever see print as it was intended to. Nevertheless, I'm proud of this book and wish it would find an appreciative audience.

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