Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Without feeling
I am a stranger
An imposter
Looking for group activity
A queer religion

Stuck on the side
of the highway

Broken egg with
A message inside


We are like two trees
Growing side by side


Inside of me
There is the younger me
This boy of 6 years old

Outside of me
Plants are growing
Wind is blowing
And I am a leaf
Tossing about

Money means nothing to me
Career even less

I want to drift
I want to play

The body is a cage
If I am not free
I am a prisoner

Sometimes a shadow is more real
And I need the nightitme
As proof that I still exist


I squint my eyes
The reflection of trees on lake
Water is sky
Rorschach Shapes
Giant butterflies in the darkness
I am in the corner
On a rock
In a pocket

A plane flying overhead
Has tiny lights
That appear like bugs in water
People are tiny

If there is so much to see
Why remain still
Why remain at all

Stop thinking
At night...
the abstract is real


We are in the park
Resting on the grass
Surrounded by skyscrapers
But I am imagining we are in the desert
With only the starry sky above us

Take away all the distractions
I want to know you
So can you look at me?
Instead of away

I have to know if you believe in something
Something beyond nightlife, TV shows and work.

Faith doesn't have to be religion
The important thing is believing in the invisible
And for this, I want to be seen

I believe in peace
I believe in love

Do you believe in me?

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